Our Promise

What you can expect from Us 

Two engineers inspecting roof damage




Our standard is to provide opinions that are well-informed, substantive, and to-the-point, enabling the client to determine an appropriate course of action in setting the damage claim in question.

Reports are written in clear, concise and easy-to-read form. We tailor-make our reports to reflect the complexities of the assignment and the needs of out clients, adding text, photographs, sketches, etc., when necessary, and summarizing when appropriate.



We give high priority to the timeliness of our service, from initial site inspection to final report, especially where preservation of evidence is critical.



We go to great lengths to clarify what you will need from us during the initial assignment of a file, so that we do not waste time completing the assignment. We like to establish fee budgets whenever possible and to suggest creative ways to keep fees low.

Our investigations are “tailor-made” to fit the requirements of each assignment. We strive to work efficiently and productively in order to minimize the cost to our clients. Yet we are mindful of the need for a thorough and complete investigation and if further investigation is warranted, we will make that recommendation.

Our reports are likewise customized to fit the assignment. Our reports are a straight and to the point, designed to convey sufficient information on the damage history, our observations, and our conclusions so that you can follow the logic of our opinions.



Communication is maintained with the client throughout the work on each assignment, in the interest of cost-efficiency, timeliness, and quality. We are readily accessible by cell phone and e-mail 24/7.



Based on our experience, we can many times make common sense suggestions to our clients that help to expedite the claim.